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As a family owned business, we’ll take care of your lice and nits problem efficiently 100% guaranteed. Home service available.

About us

Located in Aubrey, TX. Lice & Nits Clinic takes care of business pronto! from the comfort of your home. Currently serving in DFW area by appointment only, we deliver results to you and your kiddos fast, easy, and spotless using our unique master non-toxic removal technique!

• 30-day warranty.
• 100% confidential.
• Virtual diagnosis available.
• Available 24/7.

Why choose us?

We carefully design our technique: we use non-toxic products, 30 days guarantee and confidentiality, virtual consultations available.


Head Check

Price: $30

Family of 4+ Head Check

Price: $15 each

Photo/Video Virtual Diagnosis

Price: $25

Full Head Treatment

Price: $180 each.
30-day warranty

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